Welcome to the Department of National Registration, Maldives

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  • Add Dependants
  • Manage Documents
  • Make Online Payment
  • and more
  • Introduction
    The Department of National Registration was established in 1984 and is mandated as the regulating body for civil registration in the Maldives

    Take your token online through the QueueBee Application

    For card issuing, numbers from queuebee can be taken during official hours. Counter service starts at 8:30
    QueueBee Images


    Take a token number via QueueBee Application

    Numbers can be taken from 8am while service time starts at 8:30am

    The card can be collected as long as you have a letter from the card owner, explicitly stating the collectors information.

    The card will be sent to the island, provided that it was requested accordingly at the time of form submission

    Cards are dispatched to islands every week from DNR

    Login to the online portal and navigate to the active application to see a Renew Payment Button

    The owner has to visit DNR and request for serial number. For citizens in islands, serial number request has to be sent through council

    If card payment has not been done, change collection location from the portal, otherwise request for collection via Island council